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Parts & Maintenance

Nectar Group has a dedicated Aftersales team ready to provide prompt assistance in troubleshooting and identifying spare parts for any equipment to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. With 1,000’s of parts making up Nectar’s advanced machines, the Aftersales team can give advice on the provision of spares and even arrange for a technical visit to ensure everything is running smoothly.

With well over 40 years’ experience in the designing and operation of bulk handling equipment, Nectar is well placed to assist with mechanical parts and maintenance for all types of equipment whether it be for bagging machines or gantry cranes to name a couple. The team of in-house technicians can provide on the spot assistance and recommendations and coupled with the aftersales team provide an all-round service to get the maximum efficiency out of your equipment. Nectar has a team of international technicians all around the world that can be on-site within a matter of hours.


Contact us through the contact form or email: aftersales@nectar.co.uk for more information.