Global bulk handling solutions. The Compac series, the most innovative and accurate mobile bagging system available in any port or warehouse.

Nectar’s mobile bagging machines are flexible and can be utilized either ship side, to bag directly from the vessel, or in warehouses and are used for bagging grain, rice, sugar, pulses and beans or various fertilizers

Nectar Group provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for handling bulk commodities worldwide. From the development of our mobile bagging machines called Compac series which can bag free flowing cargo at a rate of 140 tons per hour, to projects involving lightening and discharging vessels in port, to providing a complete consultation process with clients to build the most efficient cargo handling facilities, Nectar Group has the experience to assist in all aspects of bulk handling throughout the world.

The flexibility of Compac mobile bagging equipment allows bagging operations to be carried out not only at quayside but also in closed spaces with limited height such as warehouses or at silos and terminal storage facilities.

In addition to Nectar’s bagging equipment, the Group also owns and operates a fleet of bulk materials handling equipment such as grabs and pneumatic dischargers (vacuvators). This equipment can be used for bulk discharge and lightening operations. The vacuvators have the capacity to discharge cargo at speeds of up to 100tph (per unit). Several units can be combined to reach a discharge speed of 7,000 metric tonnes to 10,000 metric tonnes per day.

Nectar Group can also provide independent advice on:

  • Bulk Handling terminal renovation projects.
  • Capacity improvement projects.
  • Identification and selection of suitable cargo handling equipment for your facility.
  • Preparation and execution of tenders on behalf of clients and evaluation of results leading to independent advice on suitable solutions.
  • Monitor performance of projects during implementation up to installation and commissioning of equipment.
It is with great pride that we can announce that Nectar Group was the winner of “THE BEST SHIP UNLOADING / LOADING SYSTEM” at the IBJ Awards 2012 Ceremony held in Hamburg, Germany on 19th October 2012.

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