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Pneumatic Discharger

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These modern machines are capable of discharging a cargo with a density of 0.75mts/CBM at a rate of up to 190 mts per hour powered by their incorporated Diesel engines. 
The Pneumatic Discharger is primarily designed to handle grains, though it can be used on other free flowing granular materials depending on specific properties
The Pneumatic Discharger is a diesel powered suction transfer machine for transferring granular material between vessels/locations. It has a high pressure, 4 stage centrifugal turbo blower with automatic air regulation to enable it to operate at maximum efficiency. It has cast iron rotary airlock of 120 litres per rotation with replaceable and adjustable blade cutting tips and bronze sealing rings.
Transmission is by V Belts and stainless steel pulleys, with a double telescopic universal joint.
The front and rear boom (for suction and blowing) are hydraulically operated and have a span of 7.6m and 5.5m respectively.
The Pneumatic Discharger is designed for ease of cleaning. It is fitted with a dismountable, rotating receiving cyclone for air/product separation. This is easily removed for cleaning.
Typical diesel fuel consumption is approximately +/-38 litres/hour.
Installed power of +/- 270 HP. Used power of 200 to 220 HP.
The Pneumatic Discharger can be shipped in 2 standard 20ft ISO containers. This allows safe, secure shipment of the equipment and associated pipework and spares.